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GDN (Google Display Networks)


Good Display Network Singapore

Google Display Networks Singapore / GDN allows you to define your target audience in a way that SEM can’t and is a more affordable option as compared to SEM. GDN is able to reach more than 2 million websites and 90 percent of all internet users and is able to show your ads to your targeted audiences. You’ll be able to reach users who are watching a video, playing mobile games, browsing a website so on and so forth.

Benefit of doing GDN (Google Display Networks) Singapore

Large Audience Reach

Google has over 2 million websites globally, & a significant amount of Singapore websites listed in their GDN / Google display networks for you to run ads on. It will greatly increase your reach and improve your brand awareness through your advertisements.

Various Targeting Options Available

Google Display Network Singapore / GDN has a huge variety of targeting options available for you to utilize. You can target a more specific band of audiences based on their past behavior, interest, age, gender, area / country or even the kind of websites your audiences frequented to.

Visual Ads

Studies shows that consumers will prefer a visually appealing image as compared to text as it is more engaging. The Google Display Network allows you to make use of that by using attractive images as ads to capture your audience’s attention.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing lists are created from those who have previously visited your website or clicked on your ads. It is to make sure that your audience will be constantly reminded about you and for those who haven’t click on your ad, they would be more curious to find out more about your brand.

Google Display Ads Are Inexpensive

One of the biggest benefits that Google Display Network has to offer is it’s affordability. Search Networks on the other hand is more pricey depending on the keyword competition rate. Display Network Serves as a form of online billboard or poster.