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Youtube Video Ads


Youtube Video Ads Singapore

YouTube Video Ads Singapore are ads that is either on the search engine of YouTube or those un-skippable or skippable videos that you see in between or at the start of the videos. YouTube has incorporated this form of advertisements and it may be a sorrow for normal people. As for digital marketers like us at Seven wolves, it opens up a whole new world and platform for us to explore.

Benefit of running Youtube Video Ads Singapore

Youtube’s Reach is Enormous

Almost 5 billion videos are watched daily with 4 million users in Singapore alone, your youtube video ads will be shown to a wide array of audiences.Your audience may become interested in your business and might become your potential customers after watching your advertisements.

Videos & Images Are More Engaging Than Text Ads

Research shows that humans are visual learners, we take in more information from Videos and Images as compared to words. By creating a compelling and visually appealing image or a video about your business or products, you can be sure that it’ll be etched into the minds of your audience over a period of time.

YouTube Influences Purchasing Behaviour

YouTube Video Ads has shown itself to be a significant impact on customer purchases in Singapore. A recent YouTube Insights report also shows that a high percentage of consumers purchased their products or is convinced to purchase them through the power of YouTube advertising.

More Control At A Lesser Cost

YouTube Video Ads in general work on a per-view (CPV) basis. You will only be billed when your target has actually seen your video. YouTube has many forms of advertisements available for you to choose from to see which type of advertisement will suit your budget and maximize your results the most.