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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search Engine Optimization Singapore or known as SEO for short, can be deemed as a long-term investment which will yield you the best benefit in terms of conversion/driving sales/traffic to your website. It is basically a method for your website to be ranked or seen in the first page of Google Search Results when someone searches for a certain word/keyword that your webpage has.

Benefit of doing Search Engine Optimization Singapore/SEO:

SEO Increases Your Reach To Potential Customers

Statistics shows that #1 search ranking on google captures between the ranges of 70% – 90% of total website visit/clicks. The theory is that the higher your website is ranked on Google, the more customers you’ll get, which is why Search Engine Optimization Singapore or SEO is very important.

SEO Reduces Your Advertising Costs

When you already have a top-ranking search results on Google, there is no need for you to pump in that much money by paying for ads through SEM / Search Engine Marketing or you can remove SEM entirely.

SEO Builds Brand Credibility

Ranking first, second or third in google search results will give your customers the idea that you are one of the top players in the industry and that your website & business is credible.

SEO Helps Establish Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the extent to which users/customers recognizes a brand. Once you remain at the top of the search results on Google, Internet users will be able to see you more often. Which results in more people knowing about your brand.

SEO Takes You Ahead of Your Competition

By implementing Digital Marketing, including SEO & Integrating all the various forms of digital marketing together will help you differentiate you from your competitors in the market who doesn’t