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Top 5 Digital Marketing Platforms to Grow Your Business in Singapore

Engaging in business can be quite challenging and with the endless options you might encounter online. With that said, you may still find ways to help your business grow in the digital world. One of the things that could help your business establish a strong presence online is the utilization of digital marketing platforms. These platforms play a vital role in allowing businesses to expand their reach while establishing greater awareness. 

According to We Are Social Singapore, 88% of Singaporeans are online, and they spend almost 7 hours a day on the Internet.  Taking advantage of this touchpoint would help you amplify your leads to purchase. Consumers are now browsing and seeking online consultation which is why following and taking note of consumer journey is also vital for the growth of your business. In this article, we will mention the most used digital platforms of consumers today, as well as the ways that could help your business build visibility online through the use of these platforms. 


Facebook, according to the digital report from We Are Social SIngapore, is known to have more than 3.7 million users. This platform is also used by 79% of the total digital population in Singapore and has been widely used by people and businesses to spread awareness about a certain cause, product, service, or even a movement. Businesses create a Facebook Business Page to let businesses identify themselves not only by listing product offerings or services but also by sharing links, images, and posts on a customizable page to give a better context for their features. 

Also, the Facebook business page is a great spot to improve, enhance, and develop your brand identity. Leading to content that resonates with your audience’s interests and preferences could also add growth to your business. The usage of media images, links, videos, and other marketing ad formats are also vital to attract new audiences that would later convert to your product or services. Utilizing as well different Facebook features, like Facebook Stories, you can also let your consumers engage with you aside from your usual posts. 

Moreover, Facebook does offer paid marketing campaign tools to help your business reach a wider audience through promoted posts.  This one is called Facebook Ads Manager that holds and manages your promoted advertisements. This tool aims to help businesses increase impressions and reach, or anything that they aim for according to their campaign goals. If you want to utilize this tool, all you have to do is to strategize and plan for a campaign, make your creatives ready, and pay a flat rate to ensure Facebook users could see your promoted posts. 


Instagram, on one note, is a visual platform that could help you form a more personal connection with consumers. You can share pictures and videos of your team and happy consumers, as an example, to attract your audiences. 

Other than that, Instagram could help your business boost your sales. Updating your consumers for a special promotion is one of the strategies to amplify awareness and drive more traffic to your website. It can also boost your audience engagement through the use of Instagram Stories utilizing creative images or videos. Another reason why you should be on Instagram is that it can lead you to the newest trends. You can make use of these trends to promote causes or simply generate interest by posting some related content. 


Visibility is very vital for a business like yours. To gain more of it, you must try to create a Google business listing, also known as a Business Profile. The creation of a business profile through Google My Business can help your SEO and lead generation tool work. This also gives you the capability of managing and optimizing your business profile inside Google space and helps you claim or attain rights to it. 

As you create a Business profile, it enables consumers to leave reviews, adds photos, ask questions, and even answer those — an essential feature to help increase brand reputation and attract new consumers. 

With that said, apart from a Google My Business account, a Business Profile will operate on its own. You don’t have the power to handle the details it shows or the feedback it receives, whether you have built your business profile or not. That is where it comes to Google My Business. You can view, customize, manage, and boost your Business Profile on Google by creating a Google My Business account, which are all free.


It is quite obvious that video is one of the most effective ways to attract consumers’ attention. Youtube, as the top video streaming platform in the world, does not only allow businesses to gain more exposure through video content but also helps connect businesses with existing and prospective consumers through video marketing. 

Youtube acquires millions of unique visitors each month. Through this, you shall start to consider this platform as part of your marketing strategy. Also, Youtube is considered a great promotional tool to showcase your product or services. Other than that, you can utilize the platform to demonstrate your expertise and share customer testimonials for building trust and authority. 

Above all, it is vital to decide to integrate Youtube into your marketing strategies. Videos are effective promotional materials. Understanding the different ways to showcase your products or services through video content is vital for your business and target audience.

5.  LinkedIn

If your business focuses on business-to-business (B2B) marketing, you  may want to try to utilize LinkedIn to establish reach from the buyer persona. LinkedIn for Business also allows you to build credibility and create a meaningful network. The platform is not just a preeminent social network for recruiting and hiring top talent but is also used by more and more brands to network, connect, and sell. 

Firstly, you have to create a LinkedIn Page to start your LinkedIn marketing. Once your company page is ready to go, you shall proceed to create a marketing strategy to align your goals while deciding how to connect with your target consumers. 

Aside from that, you can make use of different LinkedIn marketing tools in the likes of Canva, SlideShare, LinkedIn Groups, Open for Business, and Hootsuite. 

Effective Digital Marketing Solutions for the Top Digital Marketing Platforms

It is difficult to handle the digital marketing campaigns of your company on your own. You may employ a team of experts in this particular area, instead of handling them yourself, as described earlier, to do it for you. Seven Wolves has a squad of gurus in digital marketing, specializing in different areas of digital marketing. The digital world is shifting constantly. It will help your venture move forward by getting individuals whose sole duty is to map out the landscape for you.

As we aim to deliver efficient performance and quality digital marketing solutions, sharing our expertise in strategizing techniques to help your business achieve digital marketing goals. We offer multiple digital services in the likes of Social Media Marketing, Google Display Network, Youtube Video Ads, and many more. We also partner with the mentioned top digital platforms to give you results and satisfaction. 

Should you want to tackle and solve unique business problems with us, you can contact us for future partnerships.