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Digital marketing as a means of “improving” your business in Singapore is even a bit of an understatement. Nowadays, digital marketing has become paramount to the growth and success of any business in any industry. Whether you’re a startup tech company, or a company that provides plumbing services, digital marketing can help, and it is vital for your business to thrive.

However, due to the complexity and rapidly changing environment of this data-driven industry. Digital marketing can be overwhelming especially for small businesses and business owners that have never tried any of the sort. This article will help you sort through all the digital marketing jargon to help you understand how digital marketing can help improve your business in Singapore. 

1. Online Presence

One of the biggest defining factors of this generation is that whenever we want to know something, we “google” it. The search engine has ingrained itself on our way of life and has transformed itself into a verb, being the first action that we do whenever we have a question that needs answering. Google is always there to tell us where to look and what we’re looking for, and so it is vital that you have an online presence to begin with, to be present in google’s radar and to be visible to the people your business wishes to serve.

Want a locksmith, you google it. Looking for the nearest cafe in your area, google it. Looking for a shop that’s open at 5am to buy an anniversary present you obviously forgot, again, yes you google it. Since everyone is searching google for answers. It’s important to have a website or landing page where google can send your customers to you, and thus help improve your business in Singapore.

It does not matter what business you are in, having a webpage has now become a necessity. However, online presence is not just about, well, presence. Having a webpage can help you brand your business a lot better and let your customers know your business, how you want them to know it. Having a website is like giving a calling card to thousands of people all at once, except the calling card is not only much more presentable, but also tells more about you and your company, and is always there.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Having a website and establishing online presence is just the first of many steps you have to take to fully utilize digital marketing to help improve your business in Singapore. There is still a lot of work involved inorder to get noticed by google. In comes Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, which is the process of making your digital presence, actually present, thus helping improve your business in Singapore.

We won’t delve in too deep in all the digital marketing jargon like crawlers, algorithms and such. SEO is simply doing the right steps, tweaking your website the right way, and finding the right words to use in order for google to find your website and bring your business to your customers. The ultimate goal is to rank higher in google’s search pages, meaning if you search for the best place to get Laksa late at night, and your website is on the first page, then you’re doing a good job in SEO. You can read more about SEO here.

3. Search Engine Marketing

Aside from doing SEO to rank higher in google, Search Engine Marketing is another great way to let people know that your business exists. Imagine having your very own billboard or commercial on TV, except it’s way more cheaper and gets a lot more eyes. Search engine marketing is basically making use of the wonderful tools of google to help you tap into your desired market.

The great thing about SEM is that you can actually view the data and see if your campaigns are actually working. SEM is a lot cheaper and you only pay for what you get. SEM has leveled the playing field for small business owners. Gone are the days where only big corporations can afford to have ads; with SEM, your company is on the same level of those big corporations.

4. Social Media Campaigns

As you know, everyone is now on Facebook or instagram or twitter or all of the above. So if your potential customers are all on social media, then doesn’t it make sense for your business to be in social media also? Social media is like a gigantic park where everyone hangs out and you’re free to go there and show everyone your wonderful business and how it can help them.

Having social media presence is vital to improve your business in Singapore, and the good thing is, it’s free! Anyone can create a Facebook page or instagram account where your customers can interact with your business online. Of course, getting there is one thing, knowing what to do is another. Creating social media campaigns or ways to interact with your audience is vital to fully utilize the social media platforms.

5. Social Media Advertising

Aside from creating an account or a page for your business, you can also make use of social media advertising to reach your customers. The great thing about social media advertising is that you can actually choose who you want to show your ads to. Targeted ads allows you to set an intensively detailed set of demographics to target the people who would most likely make use of your business.

Compared to traditional ads, social media advertisements are not only more effective, it’s also dirt cheap. You can run a facebook ad for as low as 1 dollar. If you’re not happy with how your ad is going, you can cancel it anytime. Social media advertising helps you reap the benefits of advertising, but with more control and at a cheaper cost.

Digital Marketing Success Stories

Of course, it’s easy to just write about how amazing digital marketing in Singapore is and how it can help improve your business, but don’t just take our word for it, here are some examples of digital marketing success stories.


When you talk about the “bed and breakfast” industry, you often think about an elderly couple running a small-time business after all of their children moved out. However, through successful digital marketing, Airbnb has grown what was thought to be a small industry into a billion-dollar company. Airbnb makes use of targeted ads and user-generated content to tap into their marking, and provide a place for people to stay during their travels.

The founder of Airbnb couldn’t afford rent when the company was launched, and now the site has over 100 million users, more than 2 million listings worldwide, and is now worth $38 billion.

Dollar Shave Club

There is no business that is too niche to make use of digital marketing, and this is proven true by the company Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club is a company that provides men’s grooming accessories, from razors to shaving kits, and they’ve used digital marketing to create light hearted, hilarious, socially engaging videos that has garnered the adoration of its market.

Their signature promotional video has been viewed more than 24 million times, and they’re funny videos not only entertain, but are also a successful way of branding the company. How successful you ask? About a billion times successful, as they were acquired by Unilever for $1 billion dollars.


2004 was the year the brilliant founders of Yelp decided to combine social networking and online reviews. The great thing about yelp is that it makes it easier to find places, and shows you how good the place is, from reviews of actual people who go there. Yelp has become the go-to-place to find reviews of different restaurants and shops, and has established a good and trustworthy reputation. The site now has more than 120 million cumulative reviews of about 2.8 million businesses, and garners about 160 million monthly visitors.

The digital marketing landscape in Singapore can be intimidating. Learning how to code, design a website, do SEO and SEM can seem very daunting, and that’s why we are here. Seven Wolves can help you in all the digital marketing techniques mentioned above, in order to help you improve your business in Singapore. No matter what business you are in, we can make it work. Open your business to the future and be ahead of the curve through digital marketing.

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