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Currently, it’s a given for most businesses to set up a Facebook page, where they can post photos and content about their product or service. However, with the competitive market, posting content is not enough. Facebook Ads in Singapore can help you step ahead of your competitors.

As the name suggests, Facebook Ads are online adverts that appear in the news feed of a Facebook user. The ads usually pop up on the right column or as you scroll through your feed. The ads’ content may also be paired with news about social actions that you or your friends did, such as liking a Page.

Knowing the potential of online platforms can help you step your digital marketing game. To help, here are some reasons how Facebook Ads helps businesses in Singapore.

Facebook Is a Pool of Potential Customers.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms all over the world, especially in Singapore. There are about 4,531,000 Facebook users in Singapore alone, which is 74.9% of its entire population. Most of these users also spend hours scrolling through their feed per day. So, it would be a mistake to dismiss the positive impact Facebook Ads can have in your business.

Also, many potential customers do most of their purchases over the phone. Over 84% of Facebook users log in through a mobile device. As Facebook Ads adapt to the layout of either desktop or mobile, there’s a higher possibility of users seeing your advert regardless of what device they’re using. 

Furthermore, Facebook Ads are different from other types of marketing media as it allows you to engage with your potential customers. Engagements include likes, comments, and interactions with your advertisement. As people become more engaged with your brand, it’s more likely for them to become loyal patrons. Also, when the user interacts with your ad, it shows up on their friend’s newsfeed, which can potentially grow your following through referrals.

Facebook Ads Are Customizable.

To create engagements with potential customers, you need to create an ad that speaks to them. Facebook Ads in Singapore allows you to target people by age, interests, behaviour, and location. It filters who can see your advert, unlike traditional marketing media

Another perk of using Facebook Ads is that it’s real-time, meaning that you can make adjustments to your campaign while it’s running. With print media, radio, and TV, it’s impossible to make changes immediately, and it’s costly to do so.

Moreover, the success of your marketing campaign is measurable, as you can see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions you gained. Translating figures from ads can be difficult for those who are not familiar. A Facebook advertising specialist can help you monitor your campaigns.

Facebook Ads Are Cost-Effective.

Facebook Ads in Singapore are popular among smaller and start-up enterprises as it’s cost-effective advertising to put their name out there. Facebook allows you to set a specific budget for the entire duration of your advertisement, meaning you can spend as little as $10 to reach out to thousands of people in just a couple of days. 

As mentioned earlier, you can plan your ads according to your target customers and audience demographic and interest. This way, you minimize spending on trial-and-error methods of marketing. Compared to more traditional mediums such as radio and TV ads, billboards, and other printed media, Facebook Ads are cheaper and assure that your message reaches the right people.

Facebook Ads Increases Brand Awareness.

As we established, Facebook can put your name out there because of how many people use the platform. However, with the amount of content released every day, it’s tricky to make sure your brand name is seen. Facebook Ads help increase customer attribution, which is the number of times your audience sees your brand. Consistently being seen by users then increases awareness of your business and what you offer. The more familiar users are with your brand, the more likely they’re going to purchase your product or avail your services.

Furthermore, Facebook Ads can help lead potential customers to your website to know more about your business. Having a website alone without proper SEO (Hyperlink to SEO article) is not enough to get your business out there. Having only a Facebook page is not sufficient as well as the audience may not be able to garner enough information. The best approach to getting your brand out is to have both a Facebook page & website.

Facebook Visitors Turn to Leads and Customers.

We have been talking about how Facebook Ads can help your business, though it’s not limited to online businesses alone. Facebook Ads in Singapore can also drive offline sales for businesses with physical stores. Many buyers are looking online for places where they can purchase a specific product. Having a strong online presence helps customers be familiarized with your brand, and if they trust your solutions, it can persuade them to visit your store in person.

Facebook advertising may be fast and easy, but it yields long-lasting results. If you keep engaging with your audience, it can lead to repeated purchases from customers who have purchased from you in the past. Also, for new announcements you can advertise directly to previous customers by importing the email they used from their first purchase.

Facebook Is Utilized by Your Competitors.

Lastly, your competitors are most likely using Facebook Ads as well. Once hearing this, you might be thinking it would be better to go with a marketing method they are not using. That would not be giving justice to your business. The more Facebook users you’re losing, the more your competitors are gaining.

It’s better to face your competition head-on and be in the same arena as them. By also utilizing Facebook Ads, you can show audiences how your brand differs from your competitors, persuading them it’s better to choose you. 

Facebook Ads in Singapore is a great tool to have when it comes to marketing your business. However, if not utilized properly, your investment may go to waste. It may be a fast way to gain attraction, but it takes strategy, knowledge, and experience to yield desirable results. 

With that said, do not let that stop you from establishing your online presence. There are many digital marketing firms out there that can help you. One of those is Seven Wolves.

Seven Wolves for Running Facebook Ads in Singapore

Managing Facebook Ads on your own is tough. Instead of doing it by yourself, you can hire a team of experts in this particular field, to do it for you. Seven Wolves has a team of digital marketing gurus that specializes in various aspects of digital marketing, including Facebook advertising. The digital landscape is continuously changing. Having people, whose sole responsibility is to map-out that landscape for you, will assist your venture moving forward.

When working with us, we consider all aspects of your business, including your budget. Seven Wolves offer packages, where you can get various digital marketing services for your business in Singapore that is worth your money. We can help you from creating your online platform and SEO optimization, to running social media ads and campaigns. We got you covered!

Outsourcing people to do digital marketing for you keeps you from the trial and error stage and gives you time to take better care of the other aspects of your business. We do it right because digital marketing is our business, and our business involves growing yours to new heights. Seven Wolves will help you thrive in digital marketing’s ever-changing landscape, and to do it better than anyone else.

Interested? Collaborate with Seven Wolves to put your digital marketing game to another level and introduce you to a world of possibilities. Contact us today!